Social bookmarking sites offer you so many possibilities on the web and are described in so
many ways, but the way I most like to refer to them is intelligent search engines. If you’re
looking for something on a social bookmarking site, all you have to do is type what you’re
looking for in the searching tool and tags or links will pop up for you.
Whether you’re on the internet for work or just browsing for fun, you’re going to find a lot of
websites that are interesting and worth sharing with friends and family members. You could
always call them up and very slowly read the entire web address to them (and hope they get
each letter correctly), but that would take forever.
You could always send the link to their email address. However, if your friend is not someone
that checks their email regularly, they’re not going to get your link as soon as you’d like.
However, many people use social bookmarking sites. By posting your link on any one of many
social bookmarking sites, it can be easily shared by your friends, family members or anyone on
the web.
Social bookmarking is a great way to get in some real advertising as well. Few things are more
difficult than getting traffic to a new website. However, with the right tags, millions of people can
see your link, whether it’s for pleasure or business.

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